Monday, April 17, 2006


Children, I'm back! I can't stay long today for I have much catching up to do at work and in my life. I have stories and photos to share, though, of my Grama's 90th birthday and mine and Babe's trip to Wisconsin.

I want to show you something, though, and tell me what you think. We flew Delta out of La Guardia to Chicago and were totally surprised to find ourselves flying out of this building The Marine Air Terminal which was built in 1939 as a separate airport for special Delta flights that could land on water as well as land (thanks, Drew!). It is a good 20 minutes away from the regular La Guardia terminal so if you are flying to Chicago on Delta, make sure to give yourself some extra time!

Get a load of this crazy Art Deco building you guys! The gate area also featured a beautiful restaurant, lounge, and a computer lab with internet access and fancy MAC computers. Here's a foto I took of myself, as well as fotos of the Marine Air Terminal that I ripped off of websites.


Randi said...

Seriously, Cod, why are you so pretty? It's not fair to the others.

AWE said...

That looks like a nice terminal. Most of the time when I fly I have to go through one that looks like a 2 star hotel getting ready to be demolished.

Nancy Gurl said...

Caroline, oh caroline, sweet as a honey suckled spring day. You look mah va las.

You should have asked me about that. I once got fired bc I didnt know about the 30 minute away terminal.

solanasaurus said...

you're purrrty