Thursday, April 27, 2006

10 things I like about Randi

BFF is having a rough month. Here is a list of reasons why she rocks:

  1. Very attractive, specifically beautiful eyes.
  2. Funniest person I know.
  3. Eternally optomistic about possibilities for love and happiness.
  4. She's lost 13 pounds in as many weeks, and for a woman who once said she would prefer to live on a diet of red meat and full-calorie beer this is one hell of an accomplishment.
  5. She is a fast reader.
  6. She is tall and for a BFF that is important. (Because I'm tall, get it?)
  7. She gives great hugs.
  8. She can give you the director, producer, lead actors and supporting, for just about every movie you'd watch.
  9. She writes great movies reviews & puts naked pictures of herself on the Internet.
  10. Because she is 100%, full fledged, unhesitantingly RANDI. And nobody else.


Randi said...

10 Things I Like About BFF
1. She's got a B.A., and a Masters with another on the way making her one of the smartest gals I know.
2. She makes hilarious drunk dials that never anger me.
3. She doesn't bullshit me. Ever.
4. She has an insatiable appetite for books and therefore loans me them and recommends some lovely literature.
5. She is very encouraging when it comes to weight loss and physical fitness.
6. She is a "PowerHouse" not only in yoga but in life and that makes her tall, dark and gorgeous.
7. Her professional title is too long to fit on a business card and is impressive on a resume (of which she is very skilled at writing and advising).
8. Her bridesmaids dresses were a lovely cut and color making her entourage look like a lovely bouquet of roses around her brideness.
9. I am able to talk to her all day on e-mail and yet still find something to chat about on the phone in the evening and on the weekends.
10. Everything she does (WWF, blogging, myspace, education, marriage, etc.) I want to do. Cuz I'm a biter and apparently she's teh shit.

Randi said...

If by yoga i mean pilates.