Tuesday, March 07, 2006


  • Went to Dinosaur BBQ on Saturday to celebrate Babe being done with yet another test. I tried the Fried Green Tomatoes for the first time and DAMN were they good.
  • Got HBO yesterday in time for Sopranos on Sunday. The only problem with HBO is that now I have even more movies on TV to distract me from my homework. For example, last night when I was JUST CHECKING to see if HBO was working I saw that A Time to Kill had just started. Please, Matt McConaughey, Samuel L., Kevin Spacey, Oliver Platt, BOTH Sutherlands, this movie is a gem!
  • The Oscar's were good, I thought. I usually try to catch up on some of the movies I haven't seen before checking the Oscars but I didn't get very far this year. I've got on my list Capote & Crash - though I have a feeling judging from the mixed reactions I've heard that I'm going to hate Crash.
  • Yesterday I did my "weddings lecture" for one of my Professor's classes. It reminded me of some trivia you might be interested in:
    • There are 2.3 million US marriages a year.
    • The average US couple spends $22,000 on their wedding.
    • The wedding industry makes more money a year that McDonald's or Pepsi.


Nancy Gurl said...

I wish my wedding only would cost me $22K.

Randi said...

You should go into Crash hating it because then you'll like it. It's pretty blatant racism on film but the story's pretty fresh as far as film concepts go in my humble opinion.

Mona said...

aaaaaaaaaah! so psyched you went to dinosaur!! woohoo! i hope you had some beers too :)

Solanasaurus said...

I think I need to go to that dinosaur BBQ place.