Sunday, March 19, 2006

No Sleep Til

Took a tour of some Brooklyn Bars on Saturday night and checked out a good ole happenin' scene. Two great bars were Abeline on Court St. and Brooklyn Social Club on Smith Street. Abeline had a sort of fifties vibe with great vintage furniture and funky chandeliers - and of course Brooklyn Lager on tap. (I wonder if they just call it Lager?) The next bar, Brooklyn Social Club (just Social Club?) is a sweet little old thing, with brown paneling and a huge, wooden framed mirror bar behind the bar. Used to be a members only type of place where I'm sure old men sat around drinking and smoking cigars but now they are gone and there are just young people drinking martinis and mojitos. The bartenders wear those old skool-looking aprons (you know the ones) and they make fashionable cocktails. It was tres crowded but well lit and not too loud as to feel like you can't have a conversation. Thumbs up.
We went to a couple more places that were good, but those first two were great. At one of the bars (Camp? Boat? I don't know.) people were smoking cigarettes inside! Total anarchy!
It all ended beautifully with a super fast and not even that expensive cab ride home. Right on, Brooklyn! You're not so far after all!

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AWE said...

Makes me want to come back to NYC.