Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I stole this from Myspace. There are supposedly 75 bands represented in this picture. Leave a couple in the comments if you like. I'll get you started:
1) Scissor Sisters
2) Rolling Stones
3) sex pistols.
Enjoy! You might be able to see the picture better if you view it here.
The tree outside my window is starting to bloom, kids! Spring IS here!


AWE said...

On a quick glance I noticed Matchbox 20, the Eagles, and Alice in Chains.

Randi said...

White Zombie. Ew.

babe said...

smashing pumpkins and led zep?

Ois said...

white snake, B-52's

Jess'ka said...

The Pixies, GNR, The Police

Mona said...

the gorilla's, jefferson airplane,
guns and roses,
queen, i think that's all for me this second.

Mona said...

cranberries, red hot chili peppers, the doors, twisted sister, green day, nine inch nails, phish, korn, iron maiden, garbage, beach boys, dead presidents, man ihave too much time on my hands.

Coodence said...

You guys are awesome! Mona, you are on a roll!!

Coodence said...

i also found crowded house, talking heads, cowboy junkies, blur, postal service, bush, 50 cent, radiohead, lemonheads, blind melon, the police.

Angelina said...

Haha, I love how on the calender "Green Day" is August 21, and my birthday is August 21, and my favorite band is Green Day.
*tries to find band that hasnt been said already*
Wow, this is hard.
All the bands I've found have been said already XDD