Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ho hum

It has sure been a busy week! I'm serious you guys! Lots of stuff going on in my three arenas - work school and home.

My spheres if you will.

You're a sphere. No, you're a sphere. You are!

Here: take this test it's kinda easy and kinda silly. I only got one wrong. Because I only got one wrong, I was informed that my love life is mediocre. Well, what does this person know any way, they're the ones sitting around creating stupid tests for people to take.


Sopranos starts on Sunday, I can't hardly wait.


Nancy Gurl said...

I got two wrong
and apparently my love life will bloom

Randi said...

I got one wrong too... and they're right. My sex life is mediocre.

hung said...

remember when we used to get together on sunday nights to follow the supernatural exploits of scully and mulder? that was fun. i used to watch 24, back when it was on tuesdays (i would watch it then go to our tuesday night butter- for some reasson didn't need so much sleep back then). then i missed a few episodes and just felt like i ws too behind.... now my must see shows are The Office, Apprentice, Project Runway (Go Chloe!) and Entourage, which might be my favorite. and of course Jon Stewart!