Thursday, March 16, 2006

cheap seats

The Color Purple was really beautiful. About half of the show was truly excellent - amazing dancers and moving singing. Some parts were kind of slow and it was a lot different from the book (which I've read and re-read 50 times since I was a kid) and the movie (which I've seen and re-seen 15 times since I was a teenager) so that was a little bit hard to swallow for me.

But, here's the thing. I go to these things (musicals, shows) when I get an email from my work announcing that they have cheap tickets available. $28 to see a just-opened Broadway musical is a deal no one can pass up. Or me, at least. The cheap seats take some of the fun out of the show, though, and this was something that I felt yesterday. There were four women/grrls two rows in front of me talking/chatting/texting. They were too far for my SHHH to be effective and the people who were sitting by them did nothing to shut them up. I firmly believe it is the job of the people who are sitting by talkers to continually SHHH them or ask them to be quiet. The nieghbors of the noisy four did nothing.

Made the 2nd half a little hard to watch, because it's slow anyways, so with peeps talking wasn't that easy.

So I think maybe its all about quality and not quantity. Just go to one show a year and sit in the good seats. Then, I would get all dressed up and have dinner before hand. Not slap on a pair of dark jeans and some lipstick and meet Babe after work for a round or two before a slice then jamming to the show.

These are my thoughts.


AWE said...

That would tick me off. I would take change out of my pocket and throw it at them.

Randi said...

Is it not the job of the ushers to make sure peeps shut their fucking cell phones and their mouths?

ceedee said...

heard a news story today about how movie theatres are trying to jam cell phone signals so people can't text / receive calls. Are people really so self centered that they have no idea cell phones/talking is distracting? Wake up, people!

Nancy Gurl said...

People wear dark jeans in the good seats too. I sound like my grams 'no respect for the arts anymore'

this was a FANTASTIC post
thought you should know.