Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Brooklyn II

Went out to eat on Saturday with a group of friends (and Babe) to Alma Restaurant near Red Hook in Brooklyn.

A far hike for dinner, to be sure, but as I might have mentioned many of my friends moved to Brooklyn and so where they go I follow. I'm a follower, people.

Anyways, Alma actually has good Mexican food and is not very expensive. As a table, we shared two apps - the Guac (delicious!) and the chilaquiles (delicious, but not chilaquiles) - each had an entree (I had chicken enchiladas with a chili sauce, mmm mmm mmm!), several margaritas (instead of adding flavor to their margaritas, they infuse the tequila with fruit and use that) and shared two desserts - all for only $40 per person. That's a lot of food for not very much money. Oh Brooklyn, I totally get it.

But the best thing about Alma is the view. We sat on the rooftop and enjoyed a ridiculous view of lower Manhattan. Gorgeous! I'll be back at this restaurant, in the summer, enjoying margaritas on the roof!


AWE said...

I shouldn't have read this before lunch.

Angela said...

I'd like to join you and Mike for a meal there..Sounds like fun!