Sunday, March 26, 2006


My second apartment was in this big old peach colored building on Blake St. in Berkeley. On Valentime's day, our ceiling started pouring water out of the chandelier (or "big light") in the living room. The management company instructed us to take a broom stick and start poking holes in the ceiling "to relieve pressure." We did. Our landlord came himself and spent the evening in our apartment, mopping up water. (Us grrls, we all went out.)

Then, Babe and I shared an apartment in Lake Merritt, he'd been living there for a few years before I moved in. Anyways, so this was the 4th apartment for me, and the bathroom ceiling started leaking gross disgusting warm brown water. Took the management company 9 months to fix the leak and we lived for at least half a year with a gaping hole in our bano ceiling.

Then we moved here to Nueva York and our little studio on W 12th was super cute and super old and one night we awoke to the unmistakable sound. Drip! Drip! Drip! Yeah our ceiling in the living room was leaking from the woman upstairs' radiator. This was not fixed until after the winter of that first year living in NYC.

Can you see where all of this is going?

Our bathroom ceiling is leaking. From the light. Awesome.


Ois said...

that's day pennerass will make you a bathroom that doesn't leak....

Randi said...

testicular? nice. sucks about el bano, cod! dang, can't a sister catch a break?

AWE said...

Ugh! Hate to hear that. Leaks always suck. I hope they give you attention soon.