Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Nueva York

Having returned from a brief hiatus into the West, I've been immediately dissolved by the East. The flight home was fast, it takes no time to get home, but so long to get away. 3 hours and 6 minutes to fly from Denver to NYC and 4 hours + some + 1 hour sitting on the ground in JFK to get to Denver.
I dove back in head first - finishing a presentation for class tomorrow. It's going all right - though I'm wildly distracted by the first episode of Amazing Race. Nothing funny and or interesting to say, as yet, because it's only just begun. Trip out, though, that it started at Red Rocks, in Colorado. Where I was just the other day.


AWE said...

The thing that kills me about going away is two weeks later it seems like it happened last year.

Mona said...

Word to that awe. I completely agree. Glad to hear Denver was so fun.