Monday, February 20, 2006

Misc. items

  • Thank the maker, we found a nice neighborhood bar in this up and coming and sometimes touristy (sometimes?) 'hood of ours. The Collins Bar on 46th and 8th Ave is really a well-kept secret. Dark wood, chill people, no clowns, (at least yet!) and buy backs after two rounds. Nice. They have Brooklyn Lager on tap, too.

    So that's awfully nice.

  • Also, saw the movie Mad Hot Ballroom which ought to give you some hope for the future, if you're anything like me and wonder how the heck the kids are going to make it these days. They're darling, these children living in NYC, and just watching the movie will make you cringe as you remember the devestating lack of confidence we all have in the fifth grade.
  • Been watching alot of the Olympics these days. You go team USA.
  • Off to visit my fantastic In-Laws on Thursday in Denver Colorado. Hip! Hip! Hooray!
  • This week, reading Constructing Black Selves: Caribbean American Narratives and the Second Generation which is a neat book about the 2nd generation immigrant experience singular to the black, immigrant. I also finished The Bluest Eye, Pulitzer Prize winning novel by the best author of all time, Ms. Toni Morrison. If you haven't read any of this author, you better. And that is an order. And yes, I realize that I am not the boss of you.

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Angela said...

Dude, did you like Mad Hot Ballroom? I want to see it!