Thursday, February 23, 2006


I've been feeling a little eeyore-ish these past couple of days. But I bet you $5.00 it goes away as soon as I get to Denver to see my peeps. Sometimes you just gotta get away.
Last night I dreamt that my house was being over run by spiders. Thousands of them. I read on a Snapple Cap once that people swallow 8 spiders in their sleep a year. I'm guessing last night was one of my turns.


AWE said...

Where did you find my picture?

babe said...

better that you swallowed a spider than me. thanks for taking one for the team.

Mona said...

ew (the spiders).
i love the eeyor pic. i spent the last few days at home in ct with my mom and we go visit 2 donkeys each morning on our morning walks. i will post them someday as weekend donkey blogging-ha!
i hear you. i called out "sick" on monday and enjoyed a 3-day weekend. i'm just feeling so burnt out lately. amazing what 3 days off does for you..i feel like a new woman, partially. now i just need to find a higher paying job!

Anonymous said...

snapple cap # 1 says, "half of all snapple caps are not true" thus, why they are called "Snapple True-Facts" in quotes...note note.

Randi said...

poor eeyore. that is all. good day to you.