Monday, February 13, 2006

Gun Control

But if you shoot at everyone you see
Well, you can't be my friend 'cause you might shoot at me
-Tom Petty, When the kid goes bad

Our Vice President taught us a couple of things this weekend. 1) He's not a very good shot 2) or he just hates his friends, because in case you haven't read, Dick Cheney shot his friend this weekend at a hunting party.

Luckily, Cheney travels with a team of medics at all time, so his friend was quickly aided. Lay off the sauce while you're shooting rifles, you jackass.


Nancy Gurl said...

Republicans – one ass shooting another – no wonder why the NRA loves the party so much

AWE said...

Why do you think he travels with doctors?

Randi said...

what a dick! lol. get it? yah.