Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Slip Slidin

Slip slidin' awayyyyy.

I already feel my life and all the fun I've been having fall out of reach. The semester starts today for me and with that, all my free time and all my happiness is over. OH! Just kidding you guys. I'm stolked to start school and am looking forward to totally getting down with my bad self.

I hope that this semester I can finally learn how to manage my time a little better.


In other news, it's raining.


In other, other news, BFF sent me a link yesterday to her astrological compatibility with the "widower," this guy who she's not dating. In any case, this prompted me to look into mine and Babe's astrological configuration:
Scorpio with Sagittarius
Scorpio is dominant by nature, but Scorpio will have trouble keeping their Sagittarian partner under control. This freedom loving sign will surely bring out the worst in Scorpios nature. Mutual distrust is easy here. The Scorpion possessiveness will make life unbearable for Sagittarius. It is true that from the sexual standpoint, Scorpio is attractive to the Sagittarian lust, but thats where the compatibility ends. Not a recommended combination.

Bummer, right?
I gotta be honest with you. I believe that I am a Scorpio through and through, we all do, ask any Scorp. But this compatibility crap is way beyond me. If Babe and I are supposed to be such a bad combo then why are we celebrating 10 years together in April? Take that, Miss Chloe.


Randi said...

dude, that first sentence i was all, "wha? that's not my coddie." haha. i'm a sucker.

Nancy Gurl said...

Trust me the sign compatability shit is never true. I dated an Aries and now I am marrying one and the 2 couldnt be anymore different than if I thought them up myself

Good luck today me lady!!!