Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I saw the movie Rushmore the other night, after so many recommendations. It's old now, from 1998, and has the look of the Royal Tenenbaums, if you've seen that. (Same director, that's probably why.) Anyways, fresh, funny, and really different, I totally dug it! Makes me want to watch other movies by this director.

On vacay I saw Walk the Line with uber-hottie Joaquin Pheonix and the darling little Reese Witherspoon. Very romantic, so a nice change to what Mr. Johnny Cash's life must have really been like. I loved it and recommend it if you have a chance to go to the movies.

Not having the bestest day today, but will keep trying! My 2006 hasn't exactly started off as I hoped it would, but hopefully things will work themselves out. I'll hit you up a little later with something funny.


Nancy Gurl said...

Cheer up charlie. You'll be sipping sausage and hops soon enough. I know how you feel though. 2006 is the dumps

Coodence said...

Thanks poodle cake.