Tuesday, January 17, 2006


24 is the best damn show on television. Hands down. It's so good my eyes bleed.

Within the first 4 hours of this CRAZY day that Jack Bauer is involved with, scores of main characters have died and we've seen some new characters - like Sean Astin, you know, Samwise Gamgee - be introduced.

I've read in various bloggages some people's problems with 24 - a) they never go to the bathroom (are you telling me you want to see these people go to the bathroom? Let's find you another show.) b) Jack Bauer is too much like a superhero. Um, okay. If that is your problem I won't fight you there. They might as well put a g-damn cape on this SOB, he is such an effing bad ass.

Jack Bauer is like MacGyver but with an "I'll shoot you if I don't like you" edge.

So good. If you don't believe me, rent disc one of season 1. Your heart will be pounding and you'll be unable to rest until you've seen the whole, grueling day.

For those of you who are watching the new season, could President Logan be any more disgusting? His cowardice and love for himself and the media reminds me of the current administration. His crazy wife? She'll be the undoing of his presidency.

And now I rest. Until next Monday!!

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Randi said...

24 is on Mondays? How come the pre-empted my damn Family Guy on Sunday? Grr..