Monday, January 30, 2006

Do ya love him, Loretta?

I just read (thank you gothamist) that the house that they filmed Moonstruck in is up for sale.

Can you imagine? I'm pooling resources.

Oh Moonstruck.

"Do ya love him, Loretta?"
"Ma, I love him awful."
"That's too bad."


Shora said...

I love this movie!

Priest: What sins have you to confess?
Loretta: Twice I took the name of the lord in vain, once I slept with the brother of my fiancee, and once I bounced a check at the lirour store but that was really an accident.
Preist: Then it's not a sin. But... what was that second thing??

Nancy Gurl said...

I love loretta
I love when she gets a much needed makeover and i love when they make peppers and eggs!!!!

Randi said...

moonstruck will forever be you to me. the oatmeal? gimme a break. buy the house, cod. you know you wanna.

Toots said...

I got five on it!

Angela said...

Dude, I thought of another line: Numbahs, taxes, receipts, I make em look better then they did in real life! I want to buy the house too!