Thursday, January 19, 2006


The other day, I was watching RollerGrrls on A&E. (Don't ask, people.) Anyways, these roller grrls play roller derby as teams against each other. Maybe you already know this. I did not. My knowledge of Roller Derby is limited to a post apocalyptic movie called Rollerball featuring a curly-headed James Caan as Jonathan E and the grampa from Silver Spoons.

I digress!

So on this show RollerGrrls, they have themselves some nicknames. One of the women is called, and I am not kidding here, ClownSnack. Oh geez. She's definitely a bad-ass, but I think its the stupidest name I've ever heard.

But, it does inspire. Why not create your own rollergrrl (or rollerboy) name by picking first the thing you are afraid of and then the thing you like to eat.

So my Rollergrrl name is DarkEnchilada.

What's yours?


Nancy Gurl said...

Mine is Curlywrench

Anonymous said...


Randi said...


Anonymous said...

Clownsnack was my favorite person on the time. And its all about what your name is to you. You have to have fun with it and be a little saucey. My derby name is Princess Double D.
I went to one about and before it was over I had my name picked out and knew I had to join. Derby is the BEST!