Saturday, December 31, 2005

Haiku Friday one day late

christmas day gone now
lots of presents and fun times
with niece and nephew

wonderful to see
the fam in san diego
ate lots of good food

babe gave me diamonds
he's such a wonderful babe
happy new year, all!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Friday, December 23, 2005

the pibb + red vines = crazy delicious

You guys, seriously, this is the funniest thing you're likely to see today.
Saturday Night Live Rap about the Chronicles of Narnia
Thank's RANDI

Haiku Friday

to san diego
me and babe go for christmas
feliz navidad!

transit strike is done
not so bad in the long run
just glad its over

happy holidays
merry christmas and kwanza
and hanukkah, too.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Day Three is the Last Day

Strike's over, bitching!

Hip! Hip! Hooray!

Christmas Spirit

Will someone PLEASE give me a candy cane?

With all the hype re: the war on christmas, etc, etc, etc. and the general bah humbuggary that my own blog has been displaying, due to the transit strike (see, can't get through one post without it) I thought I'd share with you what passes for a Christmas Card here that the ole University:

December 20, 2005


From The Dean

Each culture celebrates the renewal of the seasons, the regeneration of the
cycles of time, and the presence of the sacred in its own ways. At OUR
University, a multi-cultural community of inquiry in the midst of a multi-
cultural metropolis, we are now in the middle of a rich, significant cluster
of relevant holidays, celebrations, and rituals. To all of you, my very best
wishes and hopes for your happiness.

AAHH, doesn't that just tug the ole heart strings?
The cycles of time? The presence of the sacred? Oh for God's sake.

Day Three

It pays to read your mail, people. I was perusing my inbox yesterday (cleaning it out, really) when I read an email called "strike contingency plan" which outlines where the FREE CAMPUS SHUTTLE BUS takes people. So I decided to take it to Port Authority which is a mere 3 blocks from my house. So I went to the corner where it supposed to pick you up. Apparently, I'm the only person at this fine University who did not previously read her mail because there were hundreds of people waiting for said shuttle. Fine. I waited 25 minutes and when it didnt show, I hoofed it to the PATH train and saved myself 24 blocks, then continued the trek home.

But this morning I tried again and found a warm and empty bus waiting for me at the Port Authority, a mere three blocks from my house. I hopped on and 45 minutes later I am here! Hey, it could be worse, people.

On a non transit strike related note I'd like to say:

My Cal Bears are in the Las Vegas Bowl tonight so route for them!! Go Bears!

And Harry Potter three is a great movie, so if you haven't picked it up in a while, go check it out!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Day 2

Well yesterday wasn't so bad, wasn't so bad at all. I ended up sharing a cab uptown to 44th and 6th with my coworker. It cost $15 + $5 tip so $10 each. It took no less than 30 minutes to get to midtown, but with it being "feels like 20" outside I thought it was a good route.

Today I'll walk to work when it gets warmer, say around 11. Then tonight I'll walk home I think. It just feels strange to not go to work. Its so very Protestant of me, I know. Well, we'll see. It's not like I don't have anything to do from here.

See, tomorrow its in the mid-40s. Maybe I'll just wait until then?

Strange days you guys. I can't believe this is really happening. I think its worse for the small business owners who rely on their regular customers every day and with so many people staying home, these guys are in danger of going under. Grr!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

ny times photo

Solid forty five minute walk. Cold at the start, kinda warm by the end. The security guard said he slept here last night. Looks sleepy. I guess I better start my walk home soon...


It's a darn transit strike. I'm going to walk to work, but not until the thermometer gets above "feels like 14." I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Hell's Kitchen

Went on the most random ever crawl last night on the occasion of BFF's visitation. We started at Heartland Brewery, where we did the beer tour.

Then we went to Film Center Cafe which has kind of a random vibe to it. Nothing too special about this place, but not a bad bar for the nabe.

I've always wanted to try House of Brews and its no wonder! That place was great. "Welcome to the house of beers. We have 9,326 types of beer."

I can't say I've ever been to a piano bar before last night. But, Don't Tell Mama was just what I expected of a piano bar. The waiter had on only silver spandex shorts and an apron that showed the nipples nicely.

Finally, we closed the night at Rufus a strange, local bar that I've so far neglected to tell you about. It's mainly because I haven't figured it out yet. The juke box is excellent, they have Brooklyn Lager on tap, and the seats are pretty comfy. But there aren't very many people there, you know? And the ones that are ... I can't be sure what they are thinking...

of course we ended the night at Gray's Papaya. shhhhh. tell no one.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Haiku Friday

paper nearly done
birthday partying last night
bff is here!

jessicurl's party
saying good bye aint easy
neither is pimpin'

put your nice duds on,
get ready to have some fun
outside is gorgeous!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

chocolate fountain

Holiday festivities are in full force - which means cookies and candy every where you turn. Yesterday was a day of two count them two holiday parties - and the piece de resistance was the chocolate fountain.

I briefly worried that I had talked up the chocolate fountain too much to my coworkers. But as it turns out, it is absolutely impossible to talk up said item.

There was a smorgasbord of treats - marshmallows, delicious little sponge cake slivers, fruit and pretzels - and all sorts of little sticks to stab them with. Then you just insert the item into a fountain of flowing dark or white chocolate. YUM.
sorry this isn't funny. while lovely and delicious, there's just not anything that hilarious about a chocolate fountain.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

on the occasion of writing my master's proposal

and simultaneously watching the victoria's secret fashion show

* i really am glad i quit smoking. even though it still sucks alot of the time. it would probably be easier to write my paper if i was a smoker. but i'd be way sicker than i ended up being this time and my cold wouldn't have gone away as fast as it did. (that last part is a little on the optimistic side, because I wouldn't say my cold has gone away exactly, but I am feeling much much better, thank you for asking.)

* remind me why i decided getting another master's would be a good idear?

* i'd love to see the following movies (in no particular order):
Brokeback Mountain, Walk the Line, King Kong (go on skinny peter jackson!), the NARNIA movie, and 'arry pooter for the 2nd time

* how can Mariah Carey be nominated for 8 grammys? I've never even heard the song she's got out now. last time i saw Mariah, she was being carted away due to a breakdown...wrong celeb? so 10 years ago? is she like the pheonix? rising, you know?

* i'm trying to make more of a habit of commenting on people's blogs. if i think they're saying something right on or funny, i go ahead and throw them an LOL. shoot - why the heck not?

* i literally have seven books in varying stages of unread laying around me right now.

Good evening.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Not a fan

of the death penalty.

what's up california? when did you turn into Texas?


My first cold of the season, and my first cold in 7 months. I know this because last time I was sick, I quit smoking. Which was 7 months ago! How bout that? I do think my cold is much less worse (haha, less worse) than it would have been if I was still puffing away on cancerous sticks.

So I don't know what drastic measure I'll take this time, but I doubt it will be much. I have lots of work to do this week and still that nagging paper due. Ah well, it will get done. It always does, people. Then BFF is coming on Thursday! So everything has to be done by then and I must get well.

At least the Packers won last night! Thank god for small favors.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, December 11, 2005


YUM = Sunday.

I wanted to ask you about being sicky face. This old friend of mine used to say that the worst symptom ever was a sore throat. I beg to differ, as I think a head ache is the worst possible sympton. Wanted to see what you thought. None of them are great - a runny nose sucks and makes you feel like a little kid, a hacking cough alerts people to the possibility of TB or worst that AVAIN BIRD FLU SCARY SHIT, and a fever well I don't have anything witty to say about a fever as I haven't had one in probably 15 years.

Anyways, obviously I'm under the weather. Sicky Poodie Coddie Face. Feel sorry for me. Or just write my paper.

Last night was Babe's XMAS party at the Yale Club. I was watched over during dinner by a snarky, smirking, original oil painting of the ridiculous - George W. Bush.

Doesn't get much better than that, kids.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Local News

As you know, I watch NY1 each and every day. It's my local news - and "world news" is too much for me (upsetting, you know? bleak if you will) - and because of that I know who is shot in New York City, what fires broke out in Queens, and what stupid-ConEd has done now.

Round about three years ago, near to my arrival here in the big City, an African immigrant named Ousmane Zongo was shot and killed in a Chelsea warehouse. He was not at all involved in the raid that was going on at the warehouse - just working on his art.

I knew (seriously, I remember thinking this!) that the COP who KILLED him wouldn't get in any trouble. Cops in NYC shoot people far more frequently (it seems to me) than they do in the Bay, for example, and they never get in trouble. So, the sentence was passed down just the other day. From NY1:

Police Officer Bryan Conroy was sentenced to five years probation and no jail time Friday in the shooting death of Ousmane Zongo during a raid in a Chelsea warehouse over two years ago.

The probation also includes 500 hours of community service within the first two years.

Just before the sentencing Conroy, with tears in his eyes, asked that the judge allow him to stay with his wife and 5-month-old son. He added his dreams of being a police officer were over.

Mr. Zongo's life is over. Too bad about Officer Conroy's dreams.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Haiku Friday

snowing this morning
had to get to work early
but i made it fine!

holiday parties
this weekend, both mine and babe's
need something to wear

with this weather, though
jeans, boots, and sweater sound best
but black dress it is

Thursday, December 08, 2005


  • If everyone read The Gothamist the need (need?) for blogs would cease because Gothamist has everything. Like, every interesting news story that day - summarized, every play or band in NYC - reviewed, every interesting building or controversy - mentioned. All of it. Go, see!
  • Peter Jackson used to be a big fat guy, right? Cuz he's not anymore. In case I'm the last person to know, sorry to share old news.
  • This morning the subway conductor said, get this, "It's West 4th Street. West 4th Street Station. Have a beautiful day." I'm sorry, what?
  • I've not been sleeping well lately. I think - and I could be wrong here - but I think it's because I'm not doing any of my schoolwork. Hmm...there's a thought.
  • Wednesday, December 07, 2005

    It's good to be king

    I've been listening to a lot of Tom Petty lately. Makes me feel like things are right in the world.

    Cold here, now. 27 degrees outside. Yikes! I have 8 days to finish everything, ever, for school. That should be totally awesome.

    Instead of doing any kind of studying last night I had drinks and dinner with Babe and two pals. We hit up the Blind Tiger, a west village establishment that serves 40 or so beers on tap. They have only delicious, small brewing company beers that are so tasty! Rumor has it (not really rumor, actually, straight from the horse's mouth is more like it) that this institution will be closing down. From the newsletter:

    According to the official story, our landlord is renovating the building for some really expensive apartments, and he wants to replace us with a Marc Jacobs store. If he let us stay, we might keep his new tenants up at night. I tried to tell him our stereo only has one working speaker left, and it doesn't always work. He didn't care. I also said you guys would be really really quiet. He told me Starbucks was hiring and they had a good pension plan. Gentrification is pretty funny until it happens to you.

    So, swing by if you have a chance. You'll probably see my friend Dave there. If you do, buy him a round, but don't sit by him. You could end up drinking there for the rest of the night.

    Tuesday, December 06, 2005


    Now that I'm no longer the crazy activist (HAHA) that I used to be, it's funny to me what remnants still remain. For example, I still get mocked by BFF for being a "dirty hippie."

    Another by product is a laundry list of boycotts that are now so ingrained I can't imagine breaking them, but ... it's definitely hard to get all mad, you know?

    • Starbuck's: This is one of the older ones, began back in 1996 I think as a protest to the closing of many good, hard working, decent mom and pop coffee shops. The only time I want to break the boycott is when I'm shopping at the grocery store. Most of the coffee they sell on the aisle is shit, but I know Starbuck's is good - but can't do it. I was in the OC with Cindylisimo and lots of others and they made a starbucks run. I was totally embarrassed by the fact that I couldn't shop there and considered breaking the boycott. But Cindy bought me cup so I wouldn't have to
    • The Gap: Nuff said. (Hard, though, when you know the pair of jeans you want is at your fingertips, or every single corner, though.)
    • McDonald's: At the time, it was harder than quitting smoking. It's been 6 years I think. Even if I wanted to break it, Babe wouldn't let us.

    That's all I can think of now, but I'll hit you with more if I can remember. Please list yours!

    Monday, December 05, 2005

    Mr. T Rap

    Thanks to Ms. Fresca for sending this hilarious link to Mr. T rapping about how we should treat our mothers.

    Strikes, snow and smells

    There is still lots of striking going on on this campus here. Tensions are high and the administration is using powerful and effective fear tactics. Wow. It's like Berkeley all over again.

    It snowed this weekend a little bit and made everything Christmas-y and GORGEOUS! Not to mention freezing effing cold. So looking for a snowstorm tonight, too, and then I'll just stay home and under the covers tomorrow.

    (Did you see that right there? That was what you might call "wishful thinking" or a "great big lie" depending on how you look at it.)

    I thought, wrongly, that because of the icy streets and cold wind blowing through town that some of the NASTY smells might have blown away from W 3rd St, but alas, nothing is more powerful than the odor of wet and old trash that clings to the city streets.


    Sunday, December 04, 2005

    Fortune Cookie Philosophy

    At work on a Sunday.
    I save fortunes from fortune cookies and stick them under the glass on my behemoth desk which was hewn from an oak tree round the turn of the century (the last century!).
    In no particular order

    • The night life is for you.
    • Grasp opportunities you will win.
    • Your ideals are well within your reach.
    • Rest has a peaceful effect on your physical and emotional health. (You're telling me, kid.)
      And here's my all time favorite, the one that started this whole tradition:
    • Your family is young, gifted and attractive.


    In other news, went to a bar down in the LES last night called Magician. Such a chill bar to be located in this nabe that is always packed! I say thumbs up! True, we got there early and had seats and by the time we left you could scarcely walk through the place it was so packed. But the vibe was right on, not too swanky and not too hipster-y.

    Saturday, December 03, 2005


    Last night, me and babe partook in two different types of culture - the high and the low.

    High culture - we went to see an off Broadway play, Apparition: An Uneasy Play of the Underknown at The Connely Theatre on E 4th between Ave A and B. This was the first play I've seen in NYC - can you believe that? It was pretty awesome, the actors were neat and well spoken and well costumed and the play was scary. Yup, you heard me right - scary. Like, creepy, no lights on in the theatre, lady bleeding to death on the stage scary. Or scary monologue with no special effects, just one lady talking about when she moved into her new apartment and realized with a sneaking suspicion that she was not living there alone scary. EW LADY STOP TALKING!!!!!

    Low culture - we went to this bar which I cannot find on the web, but you know it, its the one across the street from B Bar on Bowery and 4th St. I've never been there - I don't think, but I do have a vague recollection of going there 10 years ago with my sister - anyways, it was freezing and we were walking back from the play so decided to stop in. And I am so. glad. we. did. Oh college, how well I remember thee. Except I wasn't a drinker in college and never would have been as crazy as these children. Right? Right. Me and Babe sat at the bar and had a beer or two and just watched some of the craziest preening & partying I've seen in a long time. Why were all these people at this one bar? I have no idea. But I've never ever ever seen more shots of SOCO in my life, people. And when I say that (and you know that I generally and sometimes exaggerate) I'm seriously talking about every other guy saying, "Yo, I'll have twenty shots of soco." TWENTY SHOTS?! I saw a group of young women do shots of jack daniels. OH GOD, WHY? And the bartender (who at one point looked at us and said, have you guys ever been here on the weekend? To which we said, Clearly we were the old people sitting in the corner watching "the kids these days.") kept on pouring them. Bottle after bottle of soco. Gross, dude.

    Friday, December 02, 2005

    Haiku Friday

    crisp and delicious
    weather is perfect for this
    lovely winter's day

    its been a big week
    galas, meetings and homework
    but, los hicimos!

    and now we shall rest,
    party like no one's business.
    Happy Fridays, kids!

    Thursday, December 01, 2005

    For Banj

    Good ole Pat Morita, defined a generation's worth of stereotypes.
    No, seriously, though, Karate Kid was such a classic 80s movie and I totally and absolutely had a picture from Teen Beat of Ralph Macchio on my wall.
    But, Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi) was the best part of that movie!! That scene where he gets drunk and starts singing and screaming BONSAI -- it'll tear your heart out now.
    Anyways, it might seem like this post is late in coming, but its just I've been too broken up about the whole thing to write.

    Sometimes I just forget.
    Say things I might regret.
    Its breaks my heart to see you CRRRRRYYYINGGGGG.

    RIP, Pat Morita.


    December 1! Orale.

    Various roles are catching up with me and my posting has become sporadic. I will bring you a haiku tomorrow and try to post this weekend so you don't think I've forgotten you. I haven't. I like you very much.