Wednesday, August 31, 2005

fortune cookie philosophy

consume less. share more. enjoy life.

the smallest things

can much such an enormous difference!

It's hot here today, people. Like real muggy. So I'm walking to work and things are going okay, sort of a ho hum morning. I'm late per usual. And all of a sudden what do I see?! Two people dressed up like bananas passing out tiny little Jamba Juice smoothies. YAY FREE JAMBA JUICE ON A HOT MORNING!! YAY PEOPLE DRESSED UP LIKE BANANAS!!

Another small thing is that I heard on NY1 today that there is going to be a rally in Wash Sq Park today to save CBGBs and BLONDIE is going to perform.

No kidding! Blondie! I brought the camera to work today. Cuz you know I only work one block from WSP.

Monday, August 29, 2005

the shore

Dude I told you I went to the shore, right? This is it!

Misc. Shore Photos

the shore II Posted by Picasa

Top left: the fortune teller
Top right: Val's tomato pies
Bottom left: the house we stayed in and the trusty porch swing
Bottom right: Feliz Navidad!


i'm kind of in a funk today, ya'all. this is rare form for me, i usually almost always have a smile on my face or something incredibly witty to say.

today i'm a little funky. the world is not so much my oyster. why? i still have a groovy life, i still have some great pals, a hot husband, a nice apartment. My health.

i grow weary. i do, its true. i feel like i have an itch i can't scratch. something's picking at me from the inside out and i tell you what. its started to really wear me down.

someone give me some good news. you know what else i want? i want people to stand up and cheer when i walk into a room. i want people to tell me constantly how fucking dope i am.

i'll go first.

You're Fucking Dope.

my turn.

Friday, August 26, 2005

A bust

Well Stepford Wives stunk, but you probably coulda told me that. I will say this though, Christopher Walken makes me laugh just by talking. Whenever he opens his mouth to speak, I start laughing. What is with that guy?! Well, I decided to do a little searchypoo on the actor and found some funny stuff. Including, but not limited to:

1) He's been married to the same woman since 1969.
2) He's quite the dancer and usually tries to work in some dance step into each of his movies.
3) He's apparently running for president. Can some please verify?!


Oh, well, I think I've just verified for myself that this is a hoax, but a fine and elaborate one at that!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

rules to live by

1 - Free your heart from hatred,
2 - Free your mind from worries,
3 - Live simply,
4 - Give more,
5 - Expect less.

(courtesy of the save the rainforest website below)

Misc. Item III

Yesterday, I posted a joke at the top of my weblog. But then, seeing it in print, it looked really mean and kinda "Snarky" as my co-worker put it. It's just jokes, baby, but somehow they lose their funny when they are in print.

I think everyone should have one joke that they can bust out at a moment's notice. It could be crude, or cheesy, or derogatory, but I do think we all need one. So think hard and cultivate yours. You never know when you might need it.

Finished watching the first season of 24 on DVD yesterday. To which I say Thumbs Up!! The acting was WAY cheesier than the later seasons, but still totally action packed and fast paced. If you have netflix, rent it!

Next on Netflix - Stepford Wives and Sin City. I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Urban Dictionary


She sent me a link to this, I'm in affect stealing her thunder in case she chooses to blog this:

Urban Dictionary

For example, I looked up the word BOOYA and found:

booya it's like, SHIT MAN! that's totally sweet!

person 1: i just baked a whole batch of cookies.
person 2: booya!!!

And there are thousands and thousands of entries. Enjoy!

Monday, August 22, 2005

this lady walks into a bar

She orders a beer. The bartender says....

Jet Blue has been delayed lately. This could be because I'm currently, traveling frequently that I think planes are delayed more often or it could be that planes have always been delayed this often, and I'm just noticing it now, or it could be neither or both.

In any case, the plane is delayed and I'm early. I have two choices for libation starbucks or the dick clark bar. easy come, easy go i go to the dick clark bar. i buy a beer pull out a magazine read it.

order another beer.

at this point the semi drunk military hair guy from brooklyn? maybe staten island? (stranger in a strange land we're in the pheonix sky harbor airport) pulls out money and says:

This ones on me.

No thanks I can buy my own beer.

He hands the bar tender money i hand the bartender my card (absolutely not, i say to the bartender)

of course the bar tender takes my card.
but still.
it just bugged me.

The Air Train

The air train from JFK is all right, isn't it? I mean, it's not great, it's not phenomenal as promised, but it's all right.

Its sort of irritating, though, too, because it seems like such a marvelous idear. Why shouldn't you be able to easily and cheaply get to the damn airport. *oh my*

It got me there for 7 dollars and it got me home for 7 dollars. The other alternative was to take a cab and that costs 55 dollars. Each way. I'm sorry, what? Yes, 55 vs. 7. I could see if I'm coming home at midnite and have to work the next day, or if I've just returned from my honeymoon. But for a quick trip out of town, the cabs, man. They work you over.

It was sorta delayed. And the terminal is still totally under construction, but like I said, it's all right.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Various recommendations

Let me recommend the following:

1) willy wonka and the chocolate factory - go see it! Its so good!! johnny depp is funny funny funny and in my opinion not as creepy as gene wilder. now all of you purists who are freaking out because i've invoked the ungodly comparison of the two, i loved the first charlie and the chocolate factory and i love gene wilder. but this movie is great in its own right.

2) the last dj by tom petty. such an older album to endorse but truly one of the best to come out of the past few years. whats better than "He's a man who loves women?!" And Blue Sunday? One of my favorite songs!

3) po restaurant. for you nyers or those who are coming to visit. we ordered the tasting menu - um and thank god we did. the 2nd course was this delicious little al dente pocket of pasta stuffed full of ricotta and drenched in butter and parmesan....dessert, you ask? a flourless chocolate brownie drizzled with the best caramel sauce and paired with a glass full of strawberries drenched in a balsamic reduction.



If I had a dollar every time I heard the word anxiety in the last few months, boy, I'd have about twenty dollars! Haha, really, though. Does it seem to you like anxiety is the new buzz word? Has it always been in vogue and it is now just coming into my inner circle? In other words, am I a day late and a dollar short? If only I had those twenty dollars....

I guess I'm just wondering if people have always been anxious and talking about it, have people always been anxious and not talking about it, or is there really a new buzz in the air about anxiety?

I'm not freakin out or anything, just asking.


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

blogging 101

This is my 101st post. I feel so accomplished. Its also my 2nd anniversary today. It's a numbers game people. Feel free to leave 100 random things in my comments by the way. I've heard a couple people say to me that they would have a hard time coming up with 100 random things. I think you should try. It's VERY refreshing.

Also - the baby is a boy! My nephew. His name is Ben and he is just as cute as can be.

Monday, August 15, 2005

100 Random Things about Me

I stole this from Randi who stole it from other blogs.

  1. I work at NYU.
  2. I love my job.
  3. I'm married to a man I've been dating since I was 18.
  4. I'm afraid of cats.
  5. My middle name is Kumari.
  6. I have three sisters.
  7. I have two nieces and a nephew.
  8. Pearl Jam is still my favorite band.
  9. I have a problem changing CDs.
  10. I almost never purchase music.
  11. I have no bedroom & no bed.
  12. I quit biting my fingernails this year.
  13. I also quit smoking cigarettes.
  14. I hate whiners.
  15. I don't like ugly sandals.
  16. I despise the president.
  17. I wear flip flops almost every day during the summer.
  18. I collect the quarters with the different states on them.
  19. I go to the gym on a regular basis.
  20. I'm learning to belly dance.
  21. I generally dislike my penmanship.
  22. My husband is hot.
  23. I love drinking water.
  24. also beer.
  25. Jeanette Winterson is my favorite author.
  26. I've read all of the Harry Pooters too many times.
  27. I love school.
  28. I've never been skinny dipping.
  29. I've never been arrested.
  30. I'm a Scorpio.
  31. I'm 27.
  32. I love watching movies on TV.
  33. I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  34. Did I mention I'm a huge nerd?
  35. I talk to my Mom on the phone as often as possible.
  36. I miss my niece every day.
  37. I have no tattoos, unless you count the tiny dot on my hand that this guy gave me in high school.
  38. I have my traegus pierced which sounds really deviant but is really just that piece in the middle of your ear.
  39. I tan easily.
  40. I'm Indian and Indian.
  41. I generally don't believe people when they tell me they are also Native American.
  42. I'm sarcastic and sometimes mean.
  43. Pizza is my favorite food.
  44. Followed by all foods mexican.
  45. I love living in NYC.
  46. I'm moving to Hell's Kitchen.
  47. I haven't eaten Sushi.
  48. I religiously get pedicures.
  49. I do not attend church.
  50. In fact, I generally shun religion.
  51. I'm starting my 2nd master's in the fall.
  52. I lost my driver's license.
  53. Football is my favorite sport to watch.
  54. I never say never.
  55. It makes me mad when people say they can't do things. Because its not that they can't. Its that they wont.
  56. I'm a bit of a scaredy cat in regards to extreme sports.
  57. I am a fairly adept mimic.
  58. I have allergies.
  59. I love to write in my diary.
  60. I would never read someone else's diary.
  61. I don't think I'm better than you.
  62. I love being a teacher.
  63. I'm afraid to skateboard.
  64. I love to burn the man.
  65. My anniversary is this week.
  66. I was sad when Brad and Jenn broke up.
  67. I come from a long line of democrats.
  68. I still have one grandparent, my grama.
  69. I've been to Amsterdam.
  70. I love to cook.
  71. I've been to well over half of the states in the USA.
  72. I'm from California.
  73. I haven't been to Disneyland in 10 years.
  74. I'm going to Boston in November.
  75. In college I lived off of Avocados and corn tortillas.
  76. I love candy.
  77. I had a dog named Candy.
  78. I was born on a Wednesday.
  79. I've been in multiple earthquakes.
  80. And one hurricane.
  81. And one blizzard.
  82. I love the desert.
  83. I have a hard time saying the name Mr. Turner.
  84. I often get infatuated with words.
  85. I love mailing packages to people.
  86. I wish I had a genie.
  87. I'm extremely politically correct.
  88. I would absolutely vote for Hillary.
  89. I laugh at my own jokes.
  90. I think a foot massage is better than a shoulder rub.
  91. I eat a lot of chicken.
  92. I drink coffee every day.
  93. I never knew 100 random things would be such a challenge to complete.
  94. I usually see the bright side of things.
  95. I don't like to drive.
  96. Walking is my preferred mode of transportation.
  97. I dislike the color purple - not the movie. I love the movie.
  98. I love vegetables.
  99. I'm an incredibly boring person. clearly.
  100. I'm a good listener.


Spent a fantastic and ridiculously HOT weekend catching up on movies. When hot, molten lava is falling from the sky (or when it feels like hot, molten lava is falling from the sky) few things are better to do than watch movies.

Wedding Crashers IS hilarious and you should probably go see it! I laughed and laughed. Few are funnier today than Vince Vaughn, and he really is just too much. He never stops talking through the entire movie and that's a good thing. Also, Christopher Walken is at least as funny as Vaughn in this scary, understated way.

Hitch, a rental choice, is laugh out loud funny! Hilarious and a little different, and set in my neighborhood here in NYC. It's the usual romantic comedy, but with two funny funny men (Will Smith of course and the chubby yet lovable Kevin James).

Two of the best movies of all time were on TV on Friday night, as well! O Brother Where Art Thou featuring the overwhelmingly good looking George Clooney and Four Weddings and a Funeral, which truly will astound you. Hugh Grant never looked so endearing!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Misc. items

  • The broker who I paid to secure me my new apartment had quite a bit of inside knowledge on the building we were moving into. She mentioned that if we "slip the super a $20" he'll be much more responsive to fixing things. Fine, whatever. But, how does one go about "slipping a $20" to anyone but a customs official? I'm just curious.
  • Incidentally, if you need to bribe a customs official and are wondering how you "slip them a $20" you stick it in the back of your passport, according to a pirate I met once.
  • 92 days no smoking. Christ - it still sucks. In case you are contemplating quitting and wondering for how long it stinks to not smoke, I'm on 3 months here, people, and am still occasionally VERY pissed off about not smoking.
  • Moment of silence for Peter Jennings. That was a good, trustworthy news anchor. He was the straw that broke the camels back for my decision to quit smoking, as well. When I heard that he got lung cancer even though he had quit 20 years prior, well, I just couldn't believe it.
  • Good to follow stories about death with stories about life. My darling sister is in labor, so there will be a new niece or nephew by the end of the day!!!!!!! I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Chew on This

I've been reading more of Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal by Eric Schlosser. - I've read chapters here and there. Last night I read the chapter on "Why the Fries Taste So Good." It's easy to feel high and mighty when reading this book because I don't eat fast food - that is, until you realize that the reason the Fries Taste So Good is the reason any of our food tastes like anything.

For example, I eat Lean Cuisine for lunch. I know, too much information, but its true. That's my lunch. After the actual food in Lean Cuisine has been processed, cooked, and flash frozen, it has almost no color or flavor. That's where "artificial" and "natural" flavors come in. These flavors are all concocted in labs right over the Hudson on the NJ Turnpike. So crazy! No kidding, the same guys who make Clinique Happy perfume make my vegetable lasagna lean cuisine taste like vegetable lasagna. It reminds me of two things -

1) Soylent green - how we're just a bunch of automatons eating whatever is put in front of us, and none of it actually has any "real" flavor at all, it was all manufactured in a lab off the NJ Turnpike

2) Willy Wonka - both the old one and the new. When Violet is chewing the gum and describes the perfect meal as it goes down her throat. Essentially, that is us, eating our flavored foods - that really bear no relation to the actual food items.

Incidentally, there is nothing "natural" about "natural flavors.

You might consider reading the book if you haven't already.

Last tidbit, which is sort of gross, but not if you really think about it. Almost all red food - dannon yogie, candies - are flavored with thousands of crushed up little bugs and their larvae. They are from Peru and eat red berries. They're dried and crushed up into powder and are what makes my Dannon Light and Fit Strawberry Yogurt red.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Reunited and it feels so good.

I went to my 10 year high school reunion this past weekend - a rite of passage to say the least.

Lots of anxiety and fear go into the decision to go to a reunion (pronounced ray-yoo-nyo). I am happy with where I am in my life, so wasn't worried about that part of it as much (Happily meddied, livin life to the fullest, etc. etc.) But, it is strange to go back to where you came from. I'm from a small coastal town in northernsouthern California. My high school was small - my graduating class had about 130 peeps in it. I was neither popular nor unpopular in those years - but often felt very unpopular. This kind of self doubt rekindles itself during the decision making process and then you start to wonder - will being near these people turn me back into the brassy, loud, unsure of herself teenager?

Well, it didn't and it doesn't.

Having decided to not only attend the reunion but also to have a good time, I managed to have some sincere conversations with a few people I genuinely liked back then, some random conversations with a few people I barely knew, and some truly fake conversations with people I never even pretended to enjoy. Frankly, those were the best.

As an event, though, it was great. BFF did NOT have a coronary, the food was excellent, the music was SIIICKK (due to the fact that DJ Roam rocks the hizouse), and everybody who said they would show up, showed up.

For those naysayers who were afraid to show up I say - too bad for you. You missed some good enchiladas on the count of the fact you can't let shit go from 1995.

the breath

If you're ever feeling anxiety ridden, or just simply stressed out, or very tired and your mind is racing I recommend taking a breath. Just really breath in and out and think about the breath while you're doing it. No matter what kind of troubles you're focusing on during that moment, as soon as you start to concentrate on your breath, for that moment, you forget to worry about what you were worrying about.

So try it. At the old desky-poo. Just stop reading my riveting blog and take a nice deep breath in through your nose and out of your mouth.

There. Don't you feel better? Now get back to work.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Movin on up!

Movin on up! Movin on upppppp!!

Happy Friday folks. Today Babe and I fly the coop to chill in beautiful California for a short stay. It is my 10 year high school reunion. BFF is planning it unless she has a coronary first.

But the main point of my postiture is that Babe and I are vacating the premises. We're moving out of the village and into hell's kitchen. Wow! You know, this apt. I'm living in is the place I've lived the longest in the last ten years. Before this, I moved every year or less. But we've been here for 3 years (*and five days). So, we're the proud renters of a one bedroom a few subway stops away.

Those of you who stayed in my studio before, this means now when you come to visit we will not be slumber partying by all sleeping in the same room.

Thank the maker.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I don't seek these things out, people. They just fall into me lap.

I have a niece who is the cutest little girl in the entire world. I mean if you saw her, you would agree. She's also extremely gifted. This is not the point. The point is that I and the husband (the uncle, if you will) like to purchase the little Cubster libros. She loves dinosaurs, so we get her those books.

The other day I bought her a book called "Bob the Dinosaur" about a sweet big dinosaur who travels with a family. So cute, the pictures were beautifully decorated, etc. etc. I purchased the book. When I read the book more closely, however, I was astonished by the racist images present in the book. The "servent" figure, named JUMBU didn't say anything throughout the story, but looked, though ethnically ambiguous, like a colonial East Indian man in uniform. (Think Punjab from the Annie movie.) Jumbu didn't say anything, just served the family tea, etc, but I just can't be convinced that these types of images are appropriate for my niecey to consume.

This is not the first time, either, people. I tried to get one called something about Danny and the dinosaurs, but the first page says:

When Danny got to the museum:

He saw Indians

He saw Bears

He saw Eskimos.

Above the words are illustrations of the "classic" Indian and a slanty-eyed eskimo. Ew, people. It's time to grow up and stop relying on tired, racist and outdated cliches to sell stories to children.

Give me a break.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Extremely Thought Provoking Questions

  1. Do you remember what you went to college for? Is that what you are doing now? Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? Are you a grown up? If so, are you what you wanted to be? I went to college to become a Motivational Speaker (I am not one) and when I was growing up I was going to be a nurse (I am not one). Just checking.

  2. How long have you lived in the space you currently inhabit? I've been in mine for three years and 1 day. I'm moving at the end of this month and so am forced to find a new place to call home and a new corner store and a new subway station and a new corner bar. All good things, but very strange. Before I married Babe I moved at least once a year once I left my parent's house. He moves only every 3 years. Oh Babe.

  3. Are you going on vacation this year? That is not that thought provoking, I'm just being nosy.