Monday, February 28, 2005

...oh oscar...

Not a bad show, to be sure. I've never really partaken (partook?) in an Oscar party before this year - call me sheltered. What a great way to get the most out of what could/would normally be a horribly boring award show. I was so excited to hear who won the prize for best art direction - HOLLA!!!

I thought Chris Rock was hilarious. Me gusta his opening monologue. I dig it when people say they aren't going to talk about something and then that is exactly what they do. Como when he said - I'm not gonna do any Bush bashing - and proceeding to create a great simile (simile?) about GAP v. Banana Republic - as the US v Iraq - and the search for toxic tank tops - only to find that Banana doesn't SELL tank tops. Oh Chris Rock, you silly little bitch.

Everyone looked pretty, no one gave horrifically long or embarrassing speeches. There was no climbing over seats to give an acceptance speech, no see through couture, and no fat documentarians speakin the truth. But, a neat and tidy show, nonetheless. Rock was funny, Morgan Freedman won, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (best movie I've seen in the past year) won Best Screenplay. HOT. Dangerous.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

slow blog week

Sort of a slow blog week - I'm not sure why. I wasn't particularly inspired in the latter half of this week to share anything with ya'all.

I read this crazy article about 59th St. and Shattuck in Oakland - two blocks from where me and all my pals used to live. (We lived on 61st between Shattuck and MLK Jr.)

There was a certain amount of hooliganism there when we lived there - but it wasn't a scary place to live! Not the way people think when they think of Oakland, you know? Oakland is a great place to live - GREAT! When living there, I always assumed that the rougher areas were in other far away neighborhooods. Yeah, I saw some weird people some times - and yeah, okay, a car did get stolen from one of our parties, but drug dealers and shooting?!

In any case - this is what really struck me about that article: A three-bedroom home about two blocks away recently sold for $731,000 after receiving 43 offers.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Catching up on Comedy

In the past two days, I've watched two peliculas muy extranas - Dodgeball and Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.

Both funny, both dumb, both wonderful wastes of time.

Dodgeball is a touching story about a group of losers who create a Dodgeball team to save their gym. (Happy Gilmore - but with dodgeball instead of golf.)

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle was - and I say this with the utmost respect for this "film" - the stupidest movie I've ever seen.

Here are things I liked about the movies - and for sake of clarity I won't mention which movie I am referring to:

1) The scene where White Goodman says "freaky nasty" to his wife-in-real-life's face.
2) The indian guy, the indian dad, the indian brother.
3) The fact that my name, my middle name, was in the title of a movie - sort of.
4) Harold (upon waking up to find himself on the floor of a New Jersey forest) - "we were riding a cougar."
Kumar - "don't worry about the cougar right now..."
5) Harold

I've never had White Castle. Have you?

Monday, February 21, 2005

Eat Right, Exercise, and Ellen

If everyone watched Ellen, the world would be a more happy, balanced, and interesting place.

Today, President's Day, is a national holiday, which allows people like me, who generally are at work during the daytime, the opportunity to take in Ellen.

She's so funny and nice. I wish she would hang out with me. I wish she was on 24 hours a day. EDN. The Ellen Degeneres Network.

That's all.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

comin out of the woodwork

These past two weekends - fantastic!

Last weekend, as I mentioned in my post about the gates, Scottie was visiting, taking a hiatus from his world travels in Thailand and Cambodia before heading back to Japan.

This weekend, I get a call from my high school friend Patricio - a pilot, mind you - who has a layover overnight in Newark. HOT! He's never been to New York City, where should we take him?

I wonder if he'll be wearing a uniform? And wheeling a bag behind him?

Patrick's pretty neat for lotsa reasons, notwithstanding the fact I've never seen him in the same city more than once. Like, when Babe and I drove across country we stopped off in Aurora, Illinois to see Patricio. Then, when we journeyed to Florida the first (and only) time, Patricio was living in Fort Lauderdale. Now he lives in Virginia, but we're going to see him here in NYC. Called me this morning from Newark.

Newark, huh PJP?

When I asked him what happened to St. Louis - where he lived for about three months, he said, "Don't try to keep up with me, Caroline. You're only going to wind up getting hurt."

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Just a quickie post to say - I filed my taxes! Usually Mike files the taxes, you know, being the MAN in the family. But, I've bended the gender rules (prompted largely by a certain friend of mine who does her own taxes - and enjoys it) and completed them all on my own.

Also, I totally put on one of those green accountant visors to do them, so I really think that helps.

Photos forthcoming

The Gates - that is one HOT art event.

Went on Sunday with Babe and one Scootation Device - also known as Scottie. We rolled into the park on 96th St. and walked down to 59th St.

Weather was gorgeous, sun shinin', not a cloud in the sky. Perfect weather to view the stark contrast between the saffron gates and the gray decay of Central Park in the winter. (Or at least, that's what I heard someone remark.)

Taken as a whole, the Gates is amazing. Standing above and looking down on the park, the gates looked like huge orange (shoot - Saffron) dominos in a line or like soldiers marching down the park.

Taken separately, walking under the Gates - not so much.

We posited many meanings to the Gates, from the passage of time, to life's journey, to the birth canal, to the juxtoposition of hope (the Gates) and despair (winter in the park) - each meaning more outlandish than the last. I think if you ask Christo and Jean Claude what it means, though, they will tell you it doesn't mean anything.

And that's just how I like it.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Day After Tomorrow

I'm always a little bit behind the times. Movies and pop songs - I'll get to them, just a little bit late.

Por ejemplo, I recently watched SuperSize Me, you know a full year after everyone else had seen it. Still, a pretty gross film, that did the job to reinforce why I will never never never eat McDonalds again.

So last night I watched the Day After Tomorrow with Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhall. I never knew that JG did the blockbuster thing, but I guess I can't blame him, peeps gotta get paid, right?

Anyway, in case you missed this four star movie, it was about massive global warming bringing on the next ice age. EW! Scary. Nice because it took place in Manhattan, so lots of great shots of downtown. Still, totally weird to see a movie version of a tsunami, so close to the time of the recent one.

For some reason, when the stars of the movie flee the oncoming tsunami, they head to the library. The NYPL is on 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue, and really isn't a tall building at all. I have to ask myself why they didn't go to the Empire State Building, or any of the 1,000 tall buildings in NYC. Any - ways, they didn't. They chose the library.

The end result was mass destruction of the northern hemisphere, that luckily JG and his friends survived. Phew, that was a close one! Dennis Quaid essentially walked from Philly to NYC - interesting feat Mr. Quaid - to save his son.

All in all, really really bad. Best part was the earnest message at the end regarding global warming and how as Americans we overtax our planet. Fo real? Then why not make a $50 billion dollar movie about America's gluttony and greed, rather than actually doing something productive with that money? Awesome.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Oscar von Dupree

My friend Nancy and her beau Jim got a puppy pug. His name is Oscar von Dupree. Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 10, 2005


today, i saw a documentary called weapons of mass distraction. was that the name of it? Wait, no, it was weapons of mass deception. either way, you get my meaning.

the movie was about the way the television news media totally gave up on any sort of objective journalism in covering the war in iraq. while this is true, it is something i and the people i saw the movie with were already well aware of.

so what did i learn from this documentary? i'll make a list:

a#1 - if you are going to create a documentary, then you must be a heavy set early - to - middle aged white male with a five o'clock shadow.

b#2 - the people who do public relations for the government-war-machine are not to be trifled with. the flack in charge of the press strategy for the war was a sight to behold - youngish, powerful, blonde woman, mid forties - absolutely not messing around.

c#3 - "the end" by the doors is quite possibly the worst doors song ever created and that, my friends is saying something. no offense to you doors fans out there.

d#4 - no matter how many times one sees a movie like this, it doesn't fail to shock. i think i forget sometimes that people actually do rely on the mainstream media for their information. its unreal to me that this kind of bias is accepted by so many millions of people. thats not to say that because i happen to know a thing or two about media, that i am not fooled, too. but, come on people. fox?

e#5 - there's a movie coming out called gunner palace about soldiers in iraq livin it up with hoochiemamas, swingin pool parties, and forties of iraqi moonshine.

until next time

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

New York 1

I wonder sometimes what my mornings would be like without Pat Kiernan. He reads me the papers, tells me about all of the fires that occurred last night in the five boroughs. (Do you have any idea how many fires there are? Unless you watch NY1, you may not.) (Speaking of fires, I have no fire escape from my third story apartment. That's weird, right?)

Back to Pat. He gives me the weather, every 10 minutes. And then there's AnnikaPergament with her Fortune business report. Mike likes her, I don't exactly know why. No offense to Annika Pergament.

Then there's the Zagat Surveys where they preview a restaurant I will never have enough money to eat at, but I watch with rapt attention anyways.

And that little tiny guy who does the television reviews? He has my dream job, friends. I would love love love to be a tv critic and get paid for what I do best. Watch TV obsessively then talk about how bad it is.

The only problem with NY1 - unless you count the fact that after watching it for 20 minutes it begins to repeat itself (and I don't) - is that Shelly Goldberg lady and the segment she does for children's programs. Why does she have to dress up in costumes and make funny voices? Its not like children are watching NY1 and waiting for Shelly G. to come on dressed like Shirley Temple and tap dancing.

Good Morning!

Monday, February 07, 2005


Man oh man do I love talking about the weather. I could talk about the weather with anybody, at any given time. I love talking about weather statistics, extreme weather, mild weather, hot days, cold days, snow and above all else, the famed "wintry mix."

What has happened these past days in New York City is rare for February, to say the least. With temps in the 50s, its not uncommon to hear "i think winter might be over."

How wrong those people are.

Still, the snow has melted. The snow, piled feet high for days after the last storm, quickly became a dirty, graying, sloppy, icy mess. With the warming weather, the snow began to melt. And today, on my morning walk to work, I noticed that indeed the piles were gone. Sure, here and there you may see a wee pile, but for the most part, they're all melted away.

And what is left you may ask? What were these graying masses of polluted snow hiding from us? Two things, kids. Cigarette butts and waterlogged dog poo.

How often this past week did you say to yourself, for the love of god, if only this snow would melt! Well, be careful what you wish for. You're likely to find yourself standing amid 1,000 cigarette butts and waterlogged poo.

Saturday, February 05, 2005


as you may have already noticed, there is very little rhyme or reason to this little blog of mine - if you know me, then you know this is my way. if you dont know me then i can't be sure of why you are reading this.

nonetheless, i think a blog is a great place to tell the world about all the things that you like the best. so this entry is devoted to my favorite band in the whole wide world, pearl jam.

now, i'm not as fanatical as i used to be, but i will admit that i own about 40 cds by pearl jam, maybe 50. i don't listen to them as much as i used to, but have been to every concert they've ever held near me. prolly 10?

they are the single best band to have come out of the recent past. i can't think of any better band from the 90s. name em if you know, em, but i cant. consistently their music rocks. they're smart, politically conscious and active, and they're so good at what they do.

and you know what they say. eddie vedder is better.

so, here's to you pearl jam! eddie vedder, jeff ament, stone gossard, mike mccready and matt cameron hip! hip! hooray!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Wireless Success

Un Be Lievable

Finally. After literally hours on hold with STUPID verizon and STUPID dell I figured out the GDAMN wireless all on my own.

I ask you, why do they tout their excellent support when what that really means is:

"thanks you for calling ____. your call is very important to us. your wait time is less than thirty minutes."

Let me tell you, friends, I waited much longer than thirty minutes. Much longer. And many times. Anyways, enough of the complaining, the deal is sealed. I have wireless and now you will hear from me every day, one million times a day.

All right, that may be slight exaggeration, but you get my drift.


I've noticed an unhealthy trend in my life. Tell me if this is familiar to you:

It started back in college, I had my first email account. I'm pretty sure it was

Soon after I also got a hotmail account.

Then got a new job, out of college, so of course had my "work email."

That would seem enough, right?

At some point, I decided to get a yahoo account, because they offered more storage space.

Then, I began my stint at NYU and got a account.

Then, I started working for NYU, and got another nyu account.

At the same time, I was (and technically still am) an intern for (if you've never heard of it, go there now.) Guess what I got from them? My very own opendemocracy email.

Then there was gmail. I was invited to gmail. I'm one of those people who won't turn down an invite unless there's a real conflict. No real conflict here, so lo! I now have a gmail.

In case anyone has lost count, I know I have, the total is: 6.

Six email addresses at one time. How many do you have?

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Here's Johnny!

So, like the rest of the United States I mourn the passing of Johhnny Carson in my own way.

I was young when Carson was on (he was host of The Late Show from 1962 - 1992) but I still remember getting to watch him occasionally. A lot of his jokes were over my head, and I wondered why Ed McMahon always swung his arms like he was swinging a golf club.

However, those of you in the Midwest undoubtedly know that in regards to Johnny Carson, you all were luckier than the rest of us. For some reason, in Wisconsin and other parts of Middle America, The Tonight Show came on at 10 P.M. During the summers, my familia would head out to Wisconsin to hang out with family. My sister and I would sleep on the hideaway bed downstairs and after everyone had gone to bed, but still early enough so we wouldn't get in trouble, we'd watch Carson and laugh and laugh.

I was sad when he died, not that I'd thought much about him in the last ten years. I'm not a Leno fan, Dave has my vote. Still, Johnny Carson was one of a kind.

Speaking of tributes, of which mine is only a small one of the millions out there, Monday night Dave Letterman did a whole show devoted to Johnny. It was great.

Do you watch the Amazing Race?

Yes, it’s a reality show – and if you are one of those people who categorically disses on reality shows, I say good for you! Now move on.

Amazing Race is a great wee show, but what makes it really really good is watching and comparing yourself with the folks who’ve signed up for this challenge. It’s not that I don’t want to travel around the world on Mark Burnett’s dime, it’s that I don’t want to eat live octopi, repel off a 40 story building in Shanghai, or sleep on the streets of Budapest.

Still, it is priceless television.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Thank God I finally have my own blog

I was beginning to feel inadequate. What kind of a person am I? I am socially conscious, I try to read the news, I watch reality television and mock the contestants relentlessly. Still, I had a huge hole in my heart - because I was blogless. But, now that I have you, I hope I can keep you well fed and happy. I don't want to starve you, but also don't want to overwater you.

In any case, for any out there who are compelled to read this, welcome to Coodence's World.

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