Friday, July 22, 2016

haiku friday

my work bee eff eff
is starting a brand new job
elsewhere on campus.

these things, they happen.
everyone keeps asking me -
are you okay dude?

we hang out a lot,
and laugh a lot all day long.
but, we do have phones. 

From the NY Times (Haiku to Follow)

I saw this this morning and enjoyed it, and thought you would too:

Back Story

One convention is over, and another looms. However riveting, or dull, you find them, this is certain: The modern-day quadrennial get-togethers are fleeting when compared with the Democrats’ 16-day gathering in New York in 1924, the longest national political convention in U.S. history.
The longest U.S. political convention was the 1924 Democratic National Convention in New York.CreditThe New York Times
The first days were spent narrowing the field of candidates to 16. Then — inside a 100-degree Madison Square Garden — began the lengthy roll calls. Ballot after ballot brought bedlam and deadlock, and the country followed along on live radio.
Spectators in the gallery spit on delegates below, brawls broke out on the floor and two governors got into a fistfight. Among the many divisions: pro-Prohibition versus anti-Prohibition, Catholics versus Protestants, rural versus urban.
A debate on a resolution denouncing the Ku Klux Klan required 1,000 police officers to control the crowd. (The proposal passed by one vote and newspapers nicknamed the convention a “Klanbake.”)
On the 12th day, the Democratic National Committee chairman fainted. Twice. A motion to adjourn and meet again in Kansas City, Mo., failed.
After nearly 100 ballots, the two leading candidates — Gov. Alfred E. Smith of New York and former Treasury Secretary William G. McAdoo — gave up.
On the record 103rd ballot, John W. Davis of West Virginia, a wealthy Wall Street lawyer, emerged victorious. (He was later handily beaten by President Calvin Coolidge.)
A report in The Times said of the convention, “No trained animal was ever tortured like these delegates.”

Monday, July 18, 2016

weekend pics

supper club!! 

scooter buddies
action shot!! 

grabbing a beer in del mar 

my nephew!! 


buddy holding josie's foot 

hot cocoa as big as her face 


grama getting attacked by a pokemon 



we went to san diego for ori's birthday but the only pic i have of him is him dancing with his balloons in his birthday suit so you can't see it. but it was a truly wonderful day.

we also celebrated our last supper club as three families! and then there were two! 

Friday, July 15, 2016

haiku friday

all i do is walk,
every day for an hour,
and yet my body.

it's screaming at me.
yelling to me - please lady! 
get back to the couch!!

i shall keep going!
i used to walk all the time,
and i will again. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016


You know I dream all the time, every night.

I have recurring dreams that I hate like the one where it is the last day of school and I forgot to go to class the whole year. I have that one frequently and every time I wake up I am so happy I am not in school. 

I also often dream I just can't get where I need to go. Like some little detail keeps detaining me or sending me home. Very frustrating.

Last night I had a new spin on those stress dreams. I dreamt I was trying to move out of a house, a home where a bunch of folks lived, and I was so behind schedule. Every room had my stuff in it; I would think I was making progress and then see the bookshelf full of DVDs and mine were interspersed. I wanted to leave everything behind but I couldn't. I had to keep packing up and packing up. So frustrating.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Buddy is in a soccer camp this week. Every morning her BFF's mom comes and gets her and takes her and her little girls to camp where they play and play.

I am beyond grateful that her BFF's mom is such an awesome lady and also that she has a minivan with extra booster seats.

I had to ask the nanny to come early so I can suit up Buddy.

We stand outside and wait for Ally and her white van.

It brings me so much happiness.