Wednesday, March 01, 2017

On growing up Catholic

Just kidding, this isn't about that.

This is about Lent, one of my favorite traditions. Do you know me? Then you know I love little games of deprivation. Deprivation Games.

I try to challenge myself for Lent because it is a finite way to get rid of something that has become a habit. I usually give up candy and something else, like beer. This year I should give up wine and Facebook but then what would I have left in life?

So, I'm giving up candy and Ritz. What's that you say? Ritz? Why on earth would anyone ever need to give up something like Ritz?

At my house, we buy Ritz at Costco and those buttery, flakey treats are my go to for any mealtime. Not so healthy, not so wise.

Candy is a no brainer, no one needs it and I won't miss it. But I do eat it and so not eating it is better than eating it.

So there you go. No mas Ritz. See you in Easter you crispy devils.

February Check in


  • 10,000 steps a day: I nailed it again! Every day in February. 
  • Drink less wine & more water: I did so so on this one. We had a lot of guests this month which means more wine. 
  • Get more sleep - see above note. I don't think I did as well with this in February, but I did change the settings on my phone so at 10pm the lighting switches to night time, thus indicating it is time to go to bed. I think I'll see progress on this in March.
  • On my 52 political actions, from the top:
  1. Marching in protest
  2. Calling my senators not to confirm Davos
  3. Donating to the ACLU
  4. Reached out and chatted with angry, conservative donor
  5. Sent email to Feinstein about why I marched
  6. Donated to Chris Murphy from Connecticut
That's it! I need to double up here. I am falling behind! 

Monday, February 27, 2017

weekend pics

i was trying to capture the apple hat 

check out these chickens who live in my neighborhood 

courtesy is in town and she took babe and buddy rock climbing. look at my girl!!! 

course we hit up some breweries 

had a wonderful supper club where they made cookies on the floor

buddy played soccer in the rain 

we went to rock n brews. this picture of josie and kiss makes me laugh 

we went to the park 

skate or die bro


playing video games 


Friday, February 24, 2017

haiku friday

when writers block strikes
it is good to have routines 
to help fill the void. 

regular features
like haiku friday, the good,
the bad, the ugly.

numbers, weekend pics, 
sometimes a throwback thursday,
i could use one more. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

random story about a job i had in college

I spent at least one semester in college working as a waitress at an Indian Restaurant. It was across the street from our apartment, The Peach Pit. The proprietor's name was (is) Pradeep and he was a complete nut. What I remember specifically about Pradeep:

  1. He was a super smart guy.
  2. He and his wife just didn't get along.
  3. He was bad at owning a restaurant.
Pradeep didn't last too long in the business; his heart wasn't really into it. He was a good cook but spent most of the time in the kitchen talking (about his wife that he couldn't stand) or out in the restaurant talking to customers.

God forbid you didn't finish your food - he would think you didn't like it and send you another dish, and another dish until you were nearly ill from eating so much. 

I celebrated my 21st birthday at Pradeep's restaurant, all of my friends came and we all ate like kings and queens.

He had two little children; I still have their little baby pictures somewhere. We completely lost touch until recently when we became Facebook friends! I just saw his son has graduated from Berkeley. 

I wasn't a particularly good waitress, by the way. 

Morals of this story: 1) Time flies, I guess, because I can't believe his tiny kid has graduated college. 2) Here's another dope story of an immigrant in the United States making dreams come true. 3) I had a lot of random jobs in college. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

wonder woman!

my house is populated 

with tiny superheroes! 

so bad guys better beware. 


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

three day weekend

we had a good three day weekend. 
Saw family 

went out as a little family just us 

took beautiful pictures 

hung out with our besties 

joze got to play with a dog, her favorite 

i got to chill with my pops. 

sash did a great job at soccer 

we got to hang with grama 

and eat, eat, eat